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~ Elena Hogan


Mrs. Murray's Nursery School is an  excellent pre-school and I highly recommend it to every parent.  Both of my children had a wonderful experience. The rooms at the school are bright and clean.  The large gym area is fantastic.  The staff is friendly and professional.  My children had fun,  learned a lot and, made many friends.     


Like all parents I was nervous to  send my children off to school.  I, however, was especially nervous sending my  children to school because they had food and environmental allergies. However, the staff was so accommodating.

They made changes to the curriculum so my children could participate in an activity, while keeping the full educational value to what was being taught.  They contacted me whenever they  had a question, or just to brainstorm about how to include my children in an activity.  At the end of our time at Mrs. Murray's, two of the teachers met with  my son's kindergarten teacher to talk about how they handled his allergies in their pre-school class.  This meeting helped to make it a very smooth transition  from pre-school to kindergarten. 


The teachers provided a safe  environment and gave my children the love of school and learning.  I will forever be grateful to them for giving us such a wonderful gift.


~The Wallace Family


"When we were looking for a Massachusetts preschool program for our four children we felt that academic content as well as character building lessons were equally important.  Safety, physical space and varied learning approaches with outside opportunities for our four different learning personalities were also a big part of our choice. Our oldest child was started in a program that we thought would be a great match but once we found Mrs. Murray's Nursery School we really struck gold.  The professional staff's genuine concern for the children, as well as their families, made it easy to give other parents our rave reviews.  Now, through this web medium the word can spread as quickly as it should.  Thanks for the monumental start you gave our children!"


~Mike and Amy

"As a second generation Mrs. Murray’s family, our three children have received exactly what we were looking for in a preschool - traditional, family values in a warm, nurturing environment.  My fondest memories of the school were when my husband was deployed to Iraq.  The teachers and staff went out of their way to make my oldest feel special every day and even had some special activities in her honor.  They were so supportive to our unique situation and I will never forget that.

As our last child goes through the school, I continue to be amazed at how the experience with these teachers can really help a shy child thrive in any social situation.  We will cherish our last few years and take away fond memories for years to come!"

~Steve and Susan


“Mrs. Murray’s preschool is a wonderful Massachusetts preschool. The curriculum is always developmentally appropriate, teaching new skills and strengthening the gross motor skills the children should be perfecting during these preschool years. The teachers provide a fun and creative play-to-learn environment every day, filled with paint, glue, stories and songs. Additionally, the small class sizes make the environment a very safe, energetic, loving and nurturing one where each child is made to feel special. When my son started at Mrs. Murray’s at 2.9 years old, he was very shy and reluctant to be separated from my husband and myself. The teachers helped us with the transition and reassured us that he would be fine. We have seen him develop into a confident and social little 4 year old boy who loves going to school three mornings a week and seeing his teachers and friends. We couldn't have found a better preschool program for our son.”



"My son Cody had a wonderful first year of preschool at Mrs. Murray's. Mrs. Tingley and Mrs. Mirra are caring and compassionate teachers and the school has a warm nurturing environment that is perfect for preschoolers. There is a great sense of community and lots of fun activities planned throughout the year. Cody and I are looking forward to another great year."

~John and Kristina


"Being a parent who was a bit unsure about separating from my child, I quickly learned that at Mrs. Murray's Preschool I would not be letting go....I would be letting her grow!!!"

~Amy and Rod DeMello


"We were lucky enough to discover Mrs. Murray's through friends and have never doubted our choice to send Sam to preschool there.  He loves all the activities and learning that is going on; he just thinks it is all fun.  I love how he is learning to be part of a group, follow a school schedule and the academics.  All the teachers are wonderful and caring and love their jobs and the students in their care, this is a true community and family school.  The newsletters and information about events is always informative and everything is planned in advance, the communication between home and school is fantastic.  We would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a safe and joyful environment for their child!"

~Mark and Anne Doyle


"As new parents we were reluctant to see our first son leave the home and venture out into the school arena.  Would he meet nice friends?  Would he be safe?  He did make friends and felt safe at Mrs. Murray’s School.  Mrs. Richard and her staff put the children first.  The children were always greeted with a warm and sincere smile each day.  They learned to follow instructions, their ABC’s, their 123’s, the seasons, about animals and ocean life.  But most of all they learned about cold pricklys and warm fuzzies.

Mrs. Murray’s School (preschool) was highly recommended to us by local elementary school teachers.  They told us that the children coming out of Mrs. Murray’s were better prepared for Kindergarten and First Grade.  Our first two children attended Mrs. Murray’s and loved it.  They still talk about how much they loved their teachers.  When it came time for our third to attend, we had a tougher decision.  The elementary school that her brothers were attending opened a Pre-K Program and we had to decide between the tried and true or the convenient.  The tried and true was the decision we made.  Caroline, our third, was so excited to attend Mrs. Murray’s that it wasn’t really a decision at all.

Every year the end-of-the-year celebration, Mrs. Richard says this may be your first time at this show or your last…  Wow it really hits you how much this school means to you, when it comes to that last end-of-the-year celebration. We are glad that our children are part of the rich history of this fabulous school and would recommend its curriculum to all."


~Maureen Winn


Both of my girls attended Mrs. Murray's Nursery School for two years,they are now 10 and 12 years old. The staff is caring and to this day both of my girls remember their teachers with fond memories. The girls made some great friends at Mrs. Murray's who we still see. The staff there did a wonderful job preparing them for Kindergarten. I would highly recommend Mrs. Murray's to anyone looking for a pre-k program that is nurturing with a child centered curriculum.

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